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24-01-2016, 12:06 PM
Hey guys,

New member, been watching for a while but today finally got motivated to join and post. Unfortunately my motivation is the result of a major printer crisis.

I have a print-on-demand job tomorrow and have just unboxed the RX1 that I have on hire from Photomart for the event. It is not powering on, at all. It's plugged in and toggling the power switch does nothing. Have tried an alternate kettle lead. I have hired from them several times before and, though I've always had problems, the printers have always worked perfectly.

Of course they have no weekend support and I need to leave London for the event first thing tomorrow. Basically I'm up shit creek and stand to lose an excellent new corporate client unless I can A) get it working B) find someone else in London who can rent me a mac compatible dye-sub.

Any ideas or offers for help gratefully received.


john wright
24-01-2016, 01:20 PM
Where are you heading to Nick ?
Might be someone local to the event that can help out with a printer.