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Mark Ratcliffe
27-12-2012, 09:33 AM
Not one to post,if i can sort it myself,but im ripping what bit of hair i have left out

In darkroom,i have 2 dnp ds40s,plus mitsi 3880,all worked fine until day 3 of the santas grotto,only using the 2 ds's for these jobs
test prints ran off, everything ok
then as we were ready to go, power went off,so had to boot everything back up
then no prints were being printed via darkroom,they were showing in the print Q for the printers,after being sent via darkroom,cleared these,tired again no joy,so swooped over to Picasa (life saver) and we were able to print everything via picasa,no overlays,but we were ok

so after leaving it a couple of days cleared all printer drives from the pc,via the admin panel,re installed each of the ds's,in turn
Now nothing prints to them via darkroom or picasa

Im away from home for the next two days,but any help "posted" appreciated

and to top that i swapped my wft grip from my main 50d body to my spare 50d body and i cant get that to work now either,i was assuming incorrectly that the setting would transfer over...so some head scratching to get that up and running again for new years eve

Plus i had the van broken in to before Christmas,thought they had just nicked a cheap sat nav,but discovered they had taken my spare batteries and all my spare cf cards as well,my own fault got back from a job,emptied the van but left the pack i keep on me,with spare batterys 4 for 50ds,3 for 5dmkii and 7 cf cards in the front of the van

apart from that Happy crimbo,all the best for the new year


Mark Ratcliffe
27-12-2012, 10:13 AM
this PROBLEM event PC is partitioned,one for events with viewing screens as i use ncomp x550 card
one for event when i dont use viewing screens and general uploading to the nett etc
one printer works one dosnt on the event viewing screen side partion set up,none work on the non viewing partition
although both have been installed on each partition

i also have anothe pc for events,and both dnp 40s printers work on this,orders spool from one printer to the the other so doubling up the capactiy of prints per minute which we use for specific events only

so its pointing to the other pc as the problem as all cabling etc is the same,usbs etc

a bit befuddled..........

Peter Martin-Turner
27-12-2012, 06:56 PM
Mark, just had a quick read through and not thoroughly... If the printers installed and saying ready in whatever partition/profile etc then it does narrow it down. Paper sizes correct? I am assuming you are using a windows OS? The print service hasn't stalled or been disabled somehow has it? Control panel/admin tools/services/print spooler? If you have something stuck in a print queue to a printer that was sent at the wrong dimensions for the media installed it will sit there and often won't delete nor allow anything else to print, restarting the print spooler sometime helps or a reboot.

If not those then I guess you need to check that all the printer s are visible and available via the TCP-IP networking< I am assuming the printers are shared and visible via UNC names or IP's or via network neighbourhood? Sounds daft but your problem pc is definitely a client for MS networks, one of the components under the network adaptor applet. I have three identical machines and could never view printers, map network drives etc to and from one, when I worked out it was not a client of MS networks it solved a bucketload of agg.

Graham Taylor
28-12-2012, 11:06 AM
Hi Mark
Regarding your printers assuming you have had a good go at resolving this yourself I can only suggest you go back to the beginning and do a complete new install/setup (if you havnt already done so).

Your wifi is simpler. Just reconnect to your main 50D use the save settings in the (WFT setup) which saves to memory card. Connect your wifi unit to your spare body and inset the CF card with saved data. Load from the CF card and your spare body should then be setup.

Sorry about your break in and not much advice I can give about that except mine has an alarm fitted which was a necessity when I was looking to buy one.

Mark Ratcliffe
29-12-2012, 10:12 AM
thanks lads,ill have a look today

ill look at the admin spooler side of it Peter,i have one going but would prefer two

Graham,i think i cocked up the settings when i Got it on the other body,so a bit of headscratching there and WE should get started :-)

as for the van its alarmed,they pulled the lock barrel straight out of the door,by the time id got out of bed they were running up the street,at 4.30 in the morning i was half asleep when the bobbies arrived,so didnt pick up on the battery,cards loss......i knew the sat nav had gone but was only a cheap one of ebay 50 or so,but i never picked up on the battery and card loss untill the next weekend when i had a job,then realised,but too late to make a claim as i hadnt bothered for the sat nav,they made such a good job of pulling the barrel out,it just slipped back in and locks etc ,interesting discussion with the police,there is that much of it going on Car/shed breakins they have plain clothes and cid in the area,and are hiding in driveways etc,they asked if they could use the shed to "camp " out in and see if they could catch any of them...both the shed and garage are fully alarmed,but 30 seconds ors so is all they needed to get in the van

Mike Weeks
29-12-2012, 10:54 AM
Darkroom Pro or Darkroom Core?

I have found that in Pro I sometimes have to go into setup and refresh the printers - will find actual command structure.


Mark Ratcliffe
29-12-2012, 01:54 PM
Mike,will not print via picasa either at the moment.....so not just a darkroom error

ive removed and reinstalled darkroom back to the older 9.1 without the latest update

after a bit of thought about the events on the day that caused the problem
power went,then,i ran the DNP print count software and this just sat their not loading ,then the printers crashed ! after that....so this could be part of the problem.
im pc so

all the jobs in the cue removed,then the printers removed,then the drivers removed via the admin,So i have no printers or drivers for the dnps installed and ill load the drivers etc again this evening
and see how we go,i have had them installed on both partions previously,with no network sharing and everything has worked perfectly
now if i knew how to network the two pcs together i could run the viewing on the problem pc,and print from the other pc which is running perfect,ill do a youtube search and see if this is an option,i can run without the viewing but have two sales with me on the night so wanted one manning and up selling on the view screens,the other running the printing