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Mark Ratcliffe
04-09-2012, 02:10 PM
Ill stick this on here,so if your after a new printer,this is a cracking deal,
I have nothing to do with photomart either

the DS80 has also been reduced by 305 (ex VAT)

""Surprised this has not been picked up on,unless i have missed a posting from the photomart team
New DNP DS40 now only 755 plus VAT (906),thats a fair saving
That puts a NEW one as opposed to a 2nd hand dye sub within 350-400 of each other,based on 2nd hand sales around 500/600 even for old misti 9550s my 9550 went for 550
That is (dnp price) 70 less than the price of a mitsubishi D70 EX VAT ! ""

you can follow the post on the FB page here