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Proinsias Tully
27-12-2011, 12:22 PM
I borrowed a DS 40 and the ribbon jammed last night just as I started.

I am not sure why. But in the meantime I have found this link on DNP maintenance, http://www.dnpphoto.com/downloads/DS/DS40%20DS80/DS40_80_manual.pdf which is essential reading.

I also did not know that you can salvage a broken ribbon by using tape.

I may have made two mistakes.

1) I was so tired after a job on 23rd Dec I left the printers in the car in a flight case with the media in place ( I know I normally take it out when Travelling)
There may have been some condesation.

2) Also, because I borrowed a second DS 40 I was was not sure which was the 6x4 and 9x6, so I pulled out the ribbon to check the size, and did not tension it correctly when I reinserted the ribbon holder and this may have contributed to the jam.

I also think that because I took the machine from the car into a small hot pub, there may have been condensation issues with may have contributed.

When the jam occured, I did not switch the printer off ( I think) and I pulled the ribbon out of the mechanism (gently) , I think this was OK as a proceedure.

I also have read that I may need to clean a head with an specific wipe, not sure which type of wipe??

I will switch it on later and hope that the problem goes away. I could not find a thread on this issue so any feeback, comments welcome,

Rgds, Proinsias

Mike Weeks
27-12-2011, 01:09 PM
Condensation can happen to all printers. Normally the first thing I plug in is the printer to allow it to warm up however you can remove the paper and carriage from the DNP printers to allow them to aclimatise seperately. You can also have a similar issue when putting new media in that has been stored very cold and coming into a warm room full of people - always better to have the spare media with you.
As for cleaning the heads I find it just as easy to run a couple of prints through, never needed more than 4 prints and is safer than introducing new things into the machine.

Seasons Greetings