• Equestrian Photography of Chestnut Horse Show Jumping

    Equestrian Photography

    Need an Equestrian photographer for your event? Look no further as we have possibly the largest selection of Dressage, X-Country, Show Jumping, Eventing and Pony Club photography experts in the UK.

  • Social Photography of Black Tie Charity Ball couple

    Social Photography

    Black Tie, Prom, Student Ball, Charity Ball, in fact whatever Social Event you need photographers for you can find them here. Professional On-site printing providing high quality memories for your special occasion.

  • Dog Agility Photography of Collie Dog Jumping

    Dog Agility Photography

    Require a Dog Agility photographer for your agility show or club event? Need on-site printing? Our professional photographers will provide you with a high quality service, just let them know what you need.

  • Sports Photography Moto-X rider jumping high

    Sports Photography

    Sports Photographers are used to tackling all sorts of high speed events such as moto-cross, go-kart racing but are equally as happy covering a football tournament or a rugby competition. Maybe it is Ice Skating or a Tri-athlon - just let them know what you need.

  • Prom Photography of Year 11 Couple in suit and purple dress

    Prom Photography

    Prom Photography is important, this is a once in a lifetime occasion so you need a professional service. Don't be disappointed by amateurs, book a professional event photographer for a high quality service.

Event Photographer Society - find your local professional Event Photographers here

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If you are looking for a professional photographer for your event then choose from one of over 400 listed photographers. Whether it is a School Prom Photographer or an Equestrian Photographer. For your Dog Agility show or a Football tournament. All you need to do is use the Photographer by Area selection above to check the listings for your area. You can also use the Postcode or Town search box above.

If you can not see an appropiate photographer in the listings please contact us with the details of your event. We willsend the details of your event to the most appropiate photographers and get themto contact you. We want to help you find the right photographer for your job.

Why one of our Professionals?

You want someone with the knowledge and experience to provide a 1st class service and with the backup that only an organisation like the EPS can bring. As the only photographic organisation exclusively for event photographers our members have the skills that you require. Don't be tempted to book just any photographer. As an example it takes knowledge and experience to become a Dressage Photographer, it is not something you learn overnight. Most would not have the skill or equipment to be a large student ball photographer. Our members have those skills and much more besides.

Event Photography Forum & Society - Information for Photographers

Horse Photographer and Horse Photography of Grey Horse Show Jumping Ball Photographers & Prom Photographers professional photographs of year 11 couple

The Event Photographer Society is here to help promote event photographers and event photography in general. The site is here to help you, not profit from you. As a relatively new photographic discipline event photography is somewhat unknown to many. Those within the industry do know and understand. It is the process, or processes that can be used at the different types of photography jobs which is more commonly known as workflow. The Society is not trying to replace any other organisation.It is trying to provide something to supplement them in the representation of event photography.

Why the Event Photographer Society? Some definitions of Society;

  • companionship or association with one's fellows.
  • a voluntary association of individuals for common ends.
  • especially : an organized group working together or periodically meeting because of common interests, beliefs, or profession.
  • a part of a community that is a unit distinguishable by particular aims or standards of living or conduct.

How does the Event Photographer Society expect to achieve this?

The Society will function through event photographers working together to raise the profile of the profession, and the level of professionalism within it. To achieve this www.eventphotographersociety.co.uk will show neither grace nor favour to any members of the industry, nor will it be prejudiced against any. A possible basis for such a society is the American sepsociety.

Many organisations also provide magazines that are not relevant to the individuals, and these have to be paid for by means of a membership subscription. By using the latest advances in technology it is possible to achieve a much faster spread of information. You also have the opportunity to find others that have dealt with similar issues, and then discuss how to overcome them. The Society wil look forward and find new ways of doing things, rather than clinging to outdated methodology.

If a photographer has an L qualification in Wedding Photography, it does not follow that they could also understand the issues such as Health & Safety, or Selling Techniques that are required for Prom Photography. This can equally be applied to the similarities and the diversity between sports photography. This could be Football where Team & Individual (T&I) photographs are required. Equally Equestrian Photography which has many sub-classifications such as Hunter Trials, Dressage and Show Jumping. Instead of the Society telling you and your customers what standard of work you are capable of, it is in many ways better to let the customer make the decision based, upon samples of your work.

The Aims of www.eventphotographersociety.co.uk are as follows;

  • To put in place a set of ethics / code of conduct.
  • To promote a professional approach to event photography.
  • To identify and promote relevant training from responsible and independent sources.
  • To provide useful resources for event photographers, such as contracts and equipment reviews.
  • To provide a forum for discussion and advice.

The Event Photographer Society is not looking to act as an agent, nor filter out the better jobs, for its own benefit or the benefit of others. Any contacts from clients will be posted in the Trade Forum.This allows the photographers who do the type of photography required and are located in the vicinity of the job to contact the client.

The Event Photographer Society is a Not For Profit Organisation

The underlying guiding principle of the Event Photographer Society is as follows;

To develop and promote the professional approach to Event Photography. This will be achieved through the development of guidelines, training and assessment of members as well as through member interaction. The Event Photographer Society will act as a central forum through which event photographers can further their chosen career. "Event Photography" is an all-encompassing term that is generally used to refer to situations where the photographer takes photographs at an event (including, but not limited to sports, activities or social gatherings) from which they will derive financial reward typically through either a commission or through on-site printing.

Profits derived from the EPS will be invested back into services for the membership.

As the community develops a registration process will be established which checks the credentials of members. This will be in the form of an accreditation scheme in order to enhance the profession's profile. Accredited photographers will be placed at the start of any listings. There are other areas that are being negotiated. Hopefully it will soon be possible to provide information about the benefits of becoming a registered and accredited member.

The framework is now in place and with contributions from you, The Event Photographer. With your help this will become an authorative resource.

This site is maintaned by Dorset Event Photographer Mike Weeks.