Photographer Info


This is the photographers area where you can find information about various aspects of event photography. We currently offer 2 levels of membership of the Society. As the Society is re-organised there will be changes to the structure and full details can be found here . For trade membership please visit here. The current levels are;


Forum Membership


New members are offered an introductory 7 days free membership and then a £10 annual fee which came into effect from 01 November 2010. As a Forum Member it will allow the ability to post on the forum and give access to further areas that are not publicly viewable. This level of membership will also allow attendance at EPS events subject to any fees chargeable for the event.


Affiliate Membership


Currently costing £40 per annum this level of membership offers access to other areas of the forum as well as the ability to be listed on the front page of the site and also in the postcode search.


To join please go to the sign up page- new members are only offered the forum membership until their details are confirmed. User names must be in the format of REAL first name followed by REAL last name.