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Thread: Flash clamps - recommendations required

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    Flash clamps - recommendations required

    I'm looking for a decent clamp to mount a hotshoe flash onto the top of a Lastolite pano. I have one I use for other purposes, however its pretty bulky and would not want the risk of it topping onto someone's head. I've seen the Manfrotto spring clamp - does anyone use this - or can you suggest a better method? This is a photo of my current clamp. Versatile but HEAVY.. The other pic is the 65 Manfrotto spring clamp. TIA.
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    Re: Flash clamps - recommendations required

    I use the manfrotto clamps which you already have with elinchrom RX1's on top of a pano - no chance of it turning or dropping off at all
    Think you've already got the best solution.
    Also sometimes use them clamped on the side uprights too

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    Re: Flash clamps - recommendations required

    Same as Paul with the big ones.
    The spring clamps may be ok if you are only using speedlights on them.
    But dont pay 65 for them. you'll find them on ebay for a fraction of that cost.

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