I have the following gear for sale

Dell Latitude laptop Windows XP with Darkroom CoreV9.0 installed with CD and dongle for £250 (the battery is knackered but runs fine off the mains)

2 x Dell Latitude laptops Windows XP with Darkroom Pro V8.91 installed (one laptops battery is ok, the other is a very tired, again they both are fine on the mains) These do not need a dongle to run them., I am looking for £500each

Darkroom Pro software with CD and dongle V8.91, this CD and dongle was used to install DR onto the two laptops above so could in theory be used multiple times to install this version of DR. This is a legitimate DR CD and dongle, I purchased it through Barkers in Great Yarmouth

1 set of 2 Bowens GM200 studio lights with brollies, stands and bag £250

1 set Bowens GM200 and GM400 studio lights, brollies, stands and bag £300

1 x Bowens 1400x400 soft box with mount for the above light £100

1 x Bowens 1000x400 soft box with mount for the above light £100

1 x Sunprolight heavy duty 3m back drop support £75

1 x 2.4m back drop support £50

1 x Lastolite Ezybox soft box 900 x 900 with Bowens mount £100
1 x honeycomb grid for the above £50

1 x Black cloth backdrop 4m x 3m £50

1 x Lastolite black velvet backdrop 1.8m x 1.5m £75

1 x genuine Pellier Noir black velvet backdrop 2.1m x 2.8m £150

1 x green screen cloth backdrop 6m x 3m £50

1 x Gala 3mx4m Heavy Duty Blue and white gazebo complete with back, sides & groundbars. It has ‘PHOTOS’ on the roof and ‘Buy photos of todays event here’ on the side. £300

1 x LPG generator with Honda engine, 110v and 240v take off £250

Please call me for more details on 07778 666 840