Hi all. I gave up event photography a few years ago and still sat under my desk is a hardly used Citizen CW01 dye sub printer. It's in excellent condition and has had very light use.

The reason I'm not trying to sell it is that I did that a couple of years ago and got nowhere. A couple of people said they were really interested and made offers which I accepted but they never followed through with the actual purchase.

I don't have any media in it at the moment and am obviously not going to shell out on any just in the vain hope that someone will buy it. All I can confirm is that the last time it was used which was for a show jumping event in 2011 it worked perfectly (even running off a generator in the back of the van) and the quality of the prints (9"x6" or 6"x4" off same roll) was superb.

So, here's the deal:

  • Free on a first come first served basis
  • Collection only from Kidderminster, Worcestershire
  • 50 donation to the charity Midland Freewheelers who run the West Midlands emergency Blood Bikers service
  • No warranty of any description
  • No return
  • No possibility of any test prints being produced
  • Will be shown powered up - that's all
  • If I get no takers then next Sunday (20/12/15) I will sadly be taking it down to the dump to free up space under my desk!!

Call me on 07590 606793 if you're interested in this absolute bargain - before the collapse in steel price it was probably worth more than this as scrap!!!

Thanks for reading
David Jones