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Thread: 2 x 'Blue Box' Flightcases (Ampdown) for Sale

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    2 x 'Blue Box' Flightcases (Ampdown) for Sale

    Due to impending office move, we've got 2 (possibly 3) Ampdown 'Blue Box' Flightcases taking up space we probably won't have in the near future..

    One is a custom built unit that is about two inches taller than the regular unit, so that the top section can hold a monitor (originally specced to hold an Olmec printer). The other units are as standard and there's a good picture of the same type on a previous post on here.

    Would like 120 for the bigger unit and 100 for the regular units but we'd be happy to do all three in one hit for 275.

    As they're quite big buggers, it's collection from Hampton, West London or we can arrange a courier at cost.

    Please give me a call on 0208 783 0707, or pm, if anyone's interested.



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    Cool Re: 2 x 'Blue Box' Flightcases (Ampdown) for Sale


    Do us ALL a favour and show us exactly what you want us to buy!


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