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Thread: Canon WFTE2/2A for 1D/S Mk III

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    Re: Canon WFTE2/2A for 1D/S Mk III

    Graham thanks for your efforts and input on this.

    My dealings with Canon over 7 1D mk3's and their CPS service was very poor and what they said did not hold water at all.
    It indeed was a third party forum that eventually got Canon to admit to a problem(Rob Gailbrath) In fact many problems /issues that manufacturers have appear on such forums first.

    I have decided not to pursue this at this point in time, fact is nobody is owning up to having this system fully working yet with 1Dmk4.

    As Canon seem unable to make just one unit that works with all their cameras it is also a very expensive way, so will wait until Canon bring a more viable and cheaper solution, so will probably end up with Eye-fi instead.

    Oh what a cynic Canon have made me

    cynicism = realism (in the real world)

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    Re: Canon WFTE2/2A for 1D/S Mk III

    Got to agree with the bad pulicity over the mk3 and that model alone did more harm to sales than Nikon's D3s arrival!

    However I have to state that both my mk3's were returned to Canon and once fixed was not aware of any other problems until Canon announce the last free check. Both of my bodies were collected on the Monday(one require a fix but the other was ok) and returned before the weekend. Personally I have always found CPS helpful and have had personal phone calls from them when they brought out the 580 flash with the new (then) algorythms that caused some problems with various exposure. Once this was explained to me I could then work out most situations and obtain a better consistancy of exposure using that flash gun.

    Les, the one place you seemed not to seek advice is Canon itself and I'm sure if you contact them they will confirm the wfr-2 with the firmware update will work with the 1dmk4, but if you experiencing ok results with the eyefi then why change?

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