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Thread: House rules

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    House rules

    The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things......

    After a brief discussion with Mike it has been decided that we should introduce some house rules governing the way in which this thread is run.

    1) When an item is sold the original poster must edit the 'subject' and prefix it with [SOLD].

    2) Posts that are older than 3 months will be deleted without warning

    3) Only messages relating to the advertised item should be discussed on the thread. There should be no discussion about the relative merits of the item advertised or its availability elsewhere. Any such posts will be summarily removed, again without any warning.


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    Re: House rules

    Not wishing to cause upset, but maybe this should be marked as a sticky post so that it stays at the top of the forum

    Purely basing my suggestion on how other forums operate with helpful info and house rules

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    Re: House rules

    It is marked as sticky.


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