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Thread: No movement?

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    No movement?

    I am very surprised that no one has posted on here - there must be a few of you using the Kodak 6800 series, or Kodak 8500 or 1400?

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    Re: No movement?

    Hello Mark and the rest of you! One of our printers (Highview-Photography) is a Kodak 9810 roll feed 8x10 8x12 dye sub so there. I have nothing but praise for this printer we are into our second year with it and it has performed brilliantly.
    I actually prefer its colour tone and gradiation to that of our mitsbishi cp9550 printers and at any event they are always commented upon by purchasers, and I still think there is a kudos to it saying Kodak on the back of the paper this is a name EVERYBODY has heard off! and is Photography to many.
    This printer almost never has a problem in operation like all dye subs you have to guard against condensation sticking the film to the paper!
    I will say this to Kodak: try to bring the media prices down to match others or I can see you loosing ground to mitsubishi for instance (an 8x12 costs about £1.20 to Make)
    After handling disasters like the 1400 this one is to be recommended.
    It's neat, it's sweet, it's my cheque in the post???

    John dodds

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