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Warren Liebmann
27-10-2014, 12:09 AM
Hi to all.

Looking for help as a "newbie" with event view.

I came across this website in my search for an event display system for my viewing stations. I have been trying the Event Viewer with Jalbum, but cannot get it to play the video.

Any suggestions to get Event Viewer to run MP4 video files or is there another application that will display photos and run videos.

We currently use Irfanview as it will show the photos and videos in one folder. Each athlete has their own folder. In a competition (session) which is about 3 hours, there are between 25-40 athletes, and we cover 3 of the 4 elements - beam, bar, floor and vault. Each athlete gets 3 MP4 videos and between 100-300 photos. We currently get bogged down with our server after the competition when we have all our view stations running. We can have up to 20 laptops at our larger competitions. As we are linking to the original files there is a lot of data moving across our network.

I like the idea of using web pages to view the photos and videos as it will reduce the data load.

Any suggestions for viewing software that can display photos and videos from one folder at the same time?