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13-04-2013, 01:57 PM
HELP.Please, i have downloaded the latest versions of the relevant software and installed the on my computer, and everything works fine. the only problem i am having at the moment is in the ControlPanel.php, the find order tab works fine however its the generate paid order that does not seem to work the excel report all works fine with all the orders coming up the excel report, paid generates an excel file, but when i try to generate a paid order nothing happens, i have tried putting the order number in the box across from it, but it does not generate a paid order, Now am i doing something wrong or have i missed checking a box somewhere, This is a fine piece of software and a credit to those who have honed it to what it is at present however, i really need this part of the programme to work, and i need it for next weekend. Is there anybody out there that has had the same problem or knows what i am doing wrong or can help, please i am desperate.
Many Thanks