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Andy King
20-08-2009, 04:33 PM
I'm running ED Core with mitsi 9550's and the 3800. The colours from the 3800 are spot on, the same for one of the 9550's. My problem is the colours are so 'off' on one of the 9550's that it takes a lot of pre processing to get anywhere near what's on screen.

I've uninstalled/re-installed the ICC's (on both 9550's to act as comparator) from various sources with the same result. The same printer remains 'off'.
I've e-mailed Sam? at pure profiles who downloaded and had a look at the background settings required in ED but he's unsure whether the profiles he supplies would work through ED.

As we have a number of acknowledged experts running subject printers through ED, has anyone got any suggestions as to a likely cause? Of course, it may just be the media.............


Mark Amies
20-08-2009, 04:42 PM
I would be very surprised if it were the media Andy.

I am wondering what Pure Profile's knowledge of Express Digital is.

I would also hope taht you might get a bit of feedback from Ian Griffiths, who has a good hang on EXpress Digital, as a long term user.

ian griffiths
20-08-2009, 04:47 PM
Hi Andy,

Can you open both drivers for your two 9550's and check that the same profile is chossen for both? It may be that you have one using one profile and one either using another or perhaps you have ticked the box "Adjust" in "Printer preferences" Colour adjust?

You can use any profiles in ED although I never have, I find the default settings accurate enough.

If you get stuck give me a call. 01234 782546

ian griffiths
20-08-2009, 04:48 PM
Sorry, forgot to add;

To prove / disprove your media theory, swap both paper and ribbon from machine to machine and see what the result is.

Andy King
20-08-2009, 05:26 PM
Hi Ian,
both profiles are the same with all check boxes/adjustments the same too.
I did notice whilst browsing through ED's set-up menus a check box for 'Use monitor profiles'. This was checked, so I'll un-check that and give them a whirl.

Off on the road now so I'll swap out the media tomorrow and see what occurs. It's had me baffled for a few days now.

Mark, I've never had problems with the mitsi media, ever. It genuinely was a long shot/last resort thought.

I'll feedback tomorrow with the results.

Thanks both.

Andy King
24-08-2009, 09:31 AM
All sorted with the colours now. This is what I found:

1. Media Swapped. Still the same.

2. Uninstalled and re-installed profiles (both PM and SI) Still the same. Should point out I was doing this in the main printers-faxes folder in windows.

3. Into darkroom set-up. De-select 'Use Monitor Profile'........Then the important bit, in the advanced options there's a box for 'Apply this colour profile'. For some inexplicable reason the 2nd printer had a spurious profile checked in. Deselected that and selected the same profiles as selected for windows.......Colour is now good.

Darkroom, ya gotta love it!

Thanks Ian for suggestions, and Mark, I didn't once suspect the media, well, maybe for a little while..... :)