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Robert Smith
04-12-2011, 09:58 AM
I have to do a shoot in a large creche and print onsite as the parents are having tea, The Santa's grotto is one end of the room and I want to put my viewing/ printing system (two laptops) at the other end. I was thinking of using an Eye fi card to transmit the images to my printing setup. What would I need to do this .


Mike Weeks
04-12-2011, 10:35 AM

assuming you have never used Eye-Fi

If your camera takes SD card then fine, if it takes CF cards then you need an adapter from which you can remove the metal casing on the non component side.

Initial configuration is via your PC and not via the camera. The PC you are using must be connected to the internet to configure the Eye-Fi card.

Eye-Fi cards used to have to have a device to give them an address such as a Router however there is now a direct mode available. Personally I use an old router and for what you describe I would just put a much longer Ethernet cable in the system so that the router is closer to where you are shooting because the eye-fi card range is not great. You could use up to a 100 metre cable.


john wright
05-12-2011, 08:12 AM
Hi Rob

A lot depends upon the camera you are using. The practicality of using an Eye-fi card is determined by the camera compatibility. The following link has a good reference (towards bottom of page) for camera type compatibility.


Assuming your camera is compatible a very easy way of using the eye-fi is to use a Nano router and a couple of ethernet over mains adapters. I use this very successfully for a multi camera grotto.

Nano Router

Ethernet over mains

Set up
Eye-fi in camera
Nano next to camera
Ethernet cable from Nano to mains adapter (camera end)
Ethernet cable from mains adapter to PC (PC end)

The nice bit to this is that the router can be very close to the camera and eye-fi combination (reliable and fast) and you have no extra wiring to put in.
It is also very quick to set up and there are no cables to run.

Hope this helps.