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Michael Martin
30-09-2011, 09:22 PM
This evening I discovered a small issue with the standard settings in Photocart. I have publicised a discount code on my FB page and only there to see how the viral nature with an incentive works. It is already working, but I noticed that none of the orders so far have applied the code. If you use Photocart you will know that at the top right of the window there is a box with amount in ús, a link to the Shopping Cart and a link to Checkout. Unfortunately, clicking on Checkout bypasses the first stage of the Shopping Cart and it is in this first stage that they have to Redeem their code. Bad design here on an otherwise superb bit of software.

The solution is to log in as admin on the backend management page, under the Customize tab in the menu, click Menu Links and at the bottom under Shopping Cart Menu select Checkout and disable it. This now means the customer has to go through each step and has the chance to use the redemption code if they wish.