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View Full Version : A couple from my first Dog Agility Event

28-09-2011, 11:23 AM
A few shots from my recent 2 day dog agility event covering 7 rings and also my first print on site with a couple of PS730's.

All in all I think it went extremely well and I have been invited back to cover the rest of this years events (3) along with all of the events for next year (12) Must have done something right ;-)

Any critique on photos is always welcome as long as its constructive.



ian griffiths
28-09-2011, 11:31 AM
Very well done Paul, good news stories appear to be thin on the ground these days.

Just a couple of comments for you to consider.

1) Either buy a longer zoom lens, or zoom in a bit tighter at printing, a little too much background noise for my liking but they are still good shots that would sell as I'm sure you already know!

2) If you are covering a lot of events for the same organisation you may find the income at subsequent events drops, people only want so many photos of their animals so if it becomes a case of "All the usual suspects" you might find it more worthwhile to attend every other event providing the organsiers understand and agree not to let another photographer in to the events you miss.

Hope these comments help.

Mike Weeks
28-09-2011, 11:41 AM
so first shot at 82mm and the others at 200mm so echo what Ian says about zooming on the first.

The one emerging from the tunnel does not look sharp, could be due to focus, size change and also that it was shot at 1/500 - try to get 1/800 or higher with dogs.

From composition if you had gone somewhat further to your right with the jumping alsation you may have eliminated some of the rope.

Last point is that it looks like you are shooting down so try kneeling and shooting level/up.

All that said, I have seen worse shots of dog agility.