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18-09-2011, 01:38 PM
I did post before but didnt have much luck with replies!.
I am looking at buying some extra flashes to add to my kit. I was looking at the lastolite lumen8 kits. The problem with this for me is that they are not fan cooled. Does this make a huge difference when shooting events. I mainly do black tie and charity balls, will they overheat really quickly?. I understand that having the modelling lamp on continuously on these will make them heat up.
Someone mentioned the lencarta lights, I do not have experience with these so if anyone has any reviews on these also it would be appreciated.

I have elemental lights at the moment but when I first got them i had no end of problems with one of them and it has put me off. I also do not like the huge carry bag they come in, the carry case with the lumen8's look perfect.
I am really stuck, any advice would be great


Mike Weeks
18-09-2011, 03:30 PM
Theresa to the best of my knowledge most studio lights are not fan cooled. The only lights that you mention that I have seen are the lencarta lights. They certainly look rugged enough for event work and as they take the standard Bowens S fit you can use the accesories on a number of lights. Probably worth a trip to Photomart to look at them.


18-09-2011, 06:46 PM
'Twas I that suggested Lencarta. Have used them for two years now with no problems. Available in 300w and 600w versions mains powered plus battery versions. If you look at the web site for Lencarta you will find links to the reviews which have been in the magazines.

The new battery versions were recently reviewed in Photo Pro magazine.

john christopher
18-09-2011, 07:44 PM

The lastolite lumen8 kit are identical to the heads that I use most of the time for my portable studio. Originally they had been imported into the country by a company called AVI and rebranded AVI-CV 200 and AVI-CV 500 heads. I've use them now for the past four years. They are BIG and heavy, built like the proverbial outhouse and solid as a rock. If you don't mind bearing the weight of these industrial strength puppies on your backbone, then the lastolite lumen8 kit, is the kit for you. From what I've seen of the Lencarta range of flash heads, the above also applies to them. Otherwise it's the Bowens. They are just as well built but smaller and lighter (and British to boot). All three makes (Bowens, Lastolite and Lencarta) can use exactly the same accessories, which are plentiful, easy to find and cheap. Whatever you do stay away from Interfit. On paper, Interfit Stellar's should be way up there with the likes of Bowens and Elinchroms of this world but in reality, they're not. IMHO, theses heads are fit for light amateur use only and that's pushing their limitations.


The Dark Dude

chris nutt
19-09-2011, 07:59 AM
We use the Elinchrom dLite units - both the older version and the newer "it" version with built in radio remotes. Both have built in cooling fans - which are thermostaically controlled - so they only run when they need to. We have found them to be very reliable - but go for the dLite4 units (400W/s) units not the dLite2 (200W/s).