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31-08-2011, 11:47 PM
I am trying to run event view from my laptop (windows 7) to 2 Dell USFF (xp machines). Network is wired not wireless. On the laptop in explorer address set to "localhost" it switchs between pics straight away no delay. Both USFF machines do not see "localhost" only the IP address of laptop to view eventview.

The problem I have is when using either viewing station to flick between images there is a long delay (10+ seconds) between each image apearing on screen. When I go into router each computer I can ping each machine in 1 millsecond.

Has anyone had this problem and able to help.

Mike Weeks
01-09-2011, 07:39 AM
Gareth do you have all firewalls disabled?

01-09-2011, 11:41 AM
I will give that a go as I have avg free on both stations and full avg on laptop. I will try that and post back.

Andy Haynes
01-09-2011, 08:47 PM
1) Get rid of AVG running on both machine - that is probably the single anti-virus program that I constantly hear people having problems with. I don't know if it would slow down your network traffic in this case, but it might.

2) What size are the images set to in JAlbum? There is the ability to set the quality and size of the images in the "Images" tab in the preferences. It sounds like you have yours set too high, resulting in large file sizes and slow loading. Mine are 640x480, and around 50% quality for network use.

06-09-2011, 10:30 AM
Hi everyone,

Just a update Thanks to everyone last night I have narrowed the problem done to the router. When I tried it last night direct wired it worked a treat so I have ordered a new switch. So big thanks Mike, Tony and everyone else that worked through that.

PS they did ping each other in 0 miliseconds through the router just wouldn't send the details through quickly.


:D :diff:

Tony Cobley
06-09-2011, 04:42 PM
Hi everyone,

PS they did ping each other in 0 miliseconds through the router just wouldn't send the details through quickly.

:D :diff:

I was trying to explain that a ping is just a connectivity test, it doesn't transfer any real quanitiy of data. The ping response time is basically how quickly the device responded, not how quickly it transfered any data.
Im sure once you have your switch you will see a masive improvement.