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Duncan Harris
03-08-2011, 11:59 PM
Before I make myself look an idiot on my first post on the photocart forum I'd thought I'd ask here where you already know I'm an idiot !!

Playing around I've been able to change colours of various different text, backgrounds etc etc on a theme BUT there are 2 things things I can't seem to change and it's driving me scatty. One is the colour of the normal text (e.g. text you add on to the pages, all the text on the help page and text such as "Email Address" and "Password" on the registration page) it's all Black and you can hardly see it. I presuming it's the "Font Colour", it changes on the example theme editing page but not on the actual website. The second thing is the surrounding colour which I presume is the "outside background colour" but again it changes on the example but not on the website.

Help :puter: :puter: