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View Full Version : Emailing digital facebook files from within Event View?

Simon Harding
24-01-2011, 01:04 PM
With there being an ever increasing demand trend for "facebook" files especially at Kids sporting tournaments, I was wondering if Event View is able to streamline the ordering and delivery of "facebook" files.

What I had in mind was that the customer would add the files they want to their cart on the viewing station in the normal way, enter their email address (twice), tick a box saying they've read the T&Cs and then be given the usual reference number. The clients then go to the sales point with their reference number and pay for the files at which point the sales desk click on a paid button and Event View would email the files to the customer at a defined setting with or without a watermark and possibly with a number of other attachements e.g. a copy of a .pdf licence file. I don't know if this could be both a post event feature or if using 3G dongles / Wi-Fi it could be made to go live. The idea being that the workflow is smooth and using email as meaning that the files could be offered at a reasonable rate on the day.

If it could also be an option to allow the Event Tog to offer "free facebook files" with any purchase through the system so every order could gets free facebook files. Think of it as a tick on the products page if the product is email deliverable.

I'm pretty sure that the EV can't currently do this so I recognise that there will be some development required. Not being overly technical I don't know how easy or difficult this would be. However, with what I have in my head (and hopefully have shared) I think EV is already 90% there and I'm sure that if WAMP has a method for sending emails it could relatively easy to add. Perhaps this could be an "affiliate" benefit feature if there is some cost in developing it.

Mike Weeks
24-01-2011, 01:11 PM

the critical point is that EventView should not be used online as the code has had no checks for security. What would really be needed is an SMTP server built in and to my knowledge the only software used at events that does this currently is Green Screen Wizard.

Fairly easy to write a further action to generate a facebook sized image with an overlay, email address is already included I believe so just a matter of tieing the 2 together.