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View Full Version : EV on a go slow?

David Saunders
29-09-2010, 07:23 AM
On Saturday, set up EV as normal on three viewing stations & from the start it seemed to be very very slow.
Checked that everything was set up the same as the previous event where it was faultless, but couldn't find anything wrong.
It all worked, but would take arouns 20 seconds for an image to load up when a customer clicked on it.
Is there a common issue that I'm missing?
Sorry if it's not a very good description, but I'm not great with computers!
Couldn't put it down to number of images until later in the day as it was like it from the first card being put through.
Using Wyse 3125 units, which is what I'm beginning to think could be the issue & I need something more powerful?

john christopher
15-10-2010, 10:50 PM

My first port of call would be spring cleaning the "wamp folder" (C:\wamp\www) before the start of every session. The same thing happened to me until I managed to figure out what was going on.....with a little help from my friends!

If that doesn't work, cry Mike Weeks!