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john christopher
24-04-2010, 12:47 PM
Well folksl

At precisely 1.00pm this afternoon I managed with the kind help of Mike, Simon and my IT man Kevin to finally crack Event View.

It's now running sweet as a nut on my IBM T60 laptop and one of Mike's old style wyse terminals (Mike, I owe you some dosh).

My short to medium term plan is to run this with the latest version of ACDsee on the main sales terminal, with Green Screen Wizard and Professional Portrait setup as plugins with Photoshop. I don't know if you can setup Ligthroom to output the multiple printers. If this was possible, this would be my preferred route as it would simplify my workflow considerably.

Now I've got to get my five Wyse terminals sorted out. I don't know if they will need to be reflashed, I'm crossing my fingers on that one but the way I feel at the mo I can't complain.

Now for some advice.

For any novice (like me) attempting to load EV for the 1st time, on their own, DON'T! The instructions are confusing at times but should provide you with a broad understanding of WHAT is going on. What you need is someone with some IT, networking experience to be hands on with you, guiding you step by step through the process because when the penny finally drops (and trust me, it will) you need someone there to share the moment. Surprise, surprise the biggest problem I've found wasn't with Jalbums, it was with EV. It seems (like Jalbums) there are many versions doing the rounds and the latest ones may not be the one you need. The 1st one we loaded had some strange code we couldn't get rid of. The second, it's watermark tab went AWOL. Lucky for me, the third time, Simon sent me a tried and tested working copy which loaded one time, no problem.

So thanks again to EVERYONE who helped me, whom ever you may be, you know who you are!

Graham Gott
24-04-2010, 04:43 PM
Simon sent me a tried and tested working copy which loaded one time, no problem.

If I'd known there was more than one version I wouldn't have spent a couple of hours debugging it last weekend. I wondered why Mike hadn't replied when I told him I'd fixed a couple of 'errors' in his code. :?

john christopher
24-04-2010, 05:38 PM
Remember Graham

Event View is "work in progress" and open (source) to all and sundry. It's also free so let's not look a gift horse in the mouth.

I still have a few more issues to surmount before I'm absolutely happy with where I'm going but at least I've started the journey. One other thing to consider is the education gained along the way. A year ago I didn't know NOTHING about networking, NOW I do (know something). Mike is a hard task master and for that alone I applaud his efforts with Event View. It's up to us as a collective to make his application better.

Graham Taylor
24-04-2010, 05:55 PM
Mike did quite a lot of work on Event View over Xmas & the New Year. I think there may be a few bugs in the latest version but generally runs ok. I'm sure he'll be pleased to hear I'm compiling a new list of updates for when hes ready to have another go :lol:

Graham Gott
24-04-2010, 09:50 PM
Remember Graham

Event View is "work in progress" and open (source) to all and sundry. It's also free so let's not look a gift horse in the mouth.

I wasn't, I was just trying to help Mike out knowing he's busy with other stuff as well. I tested his software when he very first started it a few years ago and offered my thoughts on it at the time. I was curious to see how it had progressed from those humble beginnings and I was very impressed. Unfortunately he seems to gave dropped a suggestion I made way back then which means it isn't suitable for what I need. However, when I found a couple of snags I thought I'd sort them for him. Had I been aware that others were working on it, I would have checked first that they hadn't already been fixed.

john christopher
24-04-2010, 10:02 PM

Don't let that stop you from making a contribution......


Mike Weeks
25-04-2010, 09:15 PM

as Graham knows I tackle it when I have some time. To the best of my knowledge I had cleared a lot more bugs from the latest version many of which are due to php and JAlbum changes.

Graham sorry but I meant to ge back to you and find out which versions of WAMP, JAlbum etc. you were using and what you did to fix them.

Had a large event today and we had over 3000 images to deal with and for the most part it ran really well - no bugs at the client end and due to all the file shifting at the server end it had to work hard.

As I said from the start if anybody has ideas or fixes just let me know as we can all benefit.