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29-12-2009, 06:56 PM
Like many others I have been using a Mitsubishi Click system to view and print pictures at our events and have noticed the queues building as it is taking too long for customers to view thier pictures, so we have been looking at the PC based systems.

I have downloaded Event View and have been playing with the system and so far i'm very impressed. I have been using Jalbum for a year or so for our web galleries so I'm quite familier with this side of things.

my question comes as I can setup and use a a gallery using Event View and view it from a remote PC but how do I then start a totally new event.

I appologise if I have missed something total obvious but I can't see a way of showing my customers the pictures that apply only to that event without pictures from other event being there as well.

I know I can put subfolders into Jalbum and split galleries that way, and I can also delete all the files from the www folder in the Wamp folder, but is there a way to run totally seperate events while keeping the galleries and databases of previous events active so we can view orders later?

Thanks in advance

29-12-2009, 09:59 PM
I know Mike is online occassionally, and will most likely correct me if I am wrong, but I believe what you are asking is more than EventView is designed to do, and to be honest, I don't know why you would want images from previous events available.

If it is critical to you, then possibly consider having two systems, one which is your live system for use at the events and only displays the images from that event, the backup or store system that has each event in a sub folder

29-12-2009, 11:16 PM
Thanks for the reply Rob,

We usually only offer 1 or 2 sizes of prints at events but we normally also take orders for printed T-Shirts, Teddy bears and other merchandise (as this is another business we run, so fits in quite nicely).
I see Event view is capable of multiple products and if we were able to take the orders for these products electronically it would speed things up for us and also potentially reduce the number of staff I need take to events. If i was able to view the database and the image preview in the office we could then work from this to print any ordered products.

Also we have, on a few occasions this year, had 2 bookings on the same day. equine during the day and a prom in the evening. with the Mits' CLick system I set up folders on the hard drive for each event in advance so all we have to do during each event is save to the relevant folder. I was just wondering if there was a similar option on Event View. At present all orders are taken using pen and paper which is time consuming and has led to the wrong image number being taken and the wrong picture being printed and sent out.

I Love the skin Mike has created for Jalbum and I know there will always be limitations with Jalbum on what can be done but I have only just started playing with Event View and wasn't sure whether I had missed something.

I have noticed that I can create different folders within the www folder and direct Jalbum to save the gallery there and I can even direct the remote PCs to look at the gallery but the links within Event View (i.e. new viewer, view gallery, buy gallery) all point back at the www root folder.

A question for Mike: Is it possible to make the links look to the folder the gallery is saved to and not default to look a the root folder?
I have never tried creating a skin and I really don't know how much is possible so please forgive my ignorance for asking too much.

Thanks again

Mike Weeks
30-12-2009, 09:42 AM

I will give you a call in the New Year as I am not sure what you are trying to achieve. The reason for the links pointing back to the root folder is so that you do not have to have multiple copies of buttons and icons (which is the way JAlbum used to work. All I would do is coppy all the files from the WWW folder at the end of the first event and then create a totally new event. What you would need to avaoid doing is re-creating the database as that will erase your saved orders. I have written a backup script and also the ability to produce pdf and excel printouts (latest wamp does not have pdf but I am working on it). There are also options in JAlbum to not include certain folders and that may be the way of working - create a folder for the day and then seperate folders for each event under it and just get JAlbum to ignore the event/s you are not at.


Graham Taylor
30-12-2009, 09:56 AM
I was just about to reply and then saw Mikes response. Previously I had a similar problem and to get around it I use one or two options. Either create a new album in Jalbum and delete the contents of the www folder. Or simply rename the first album and the www folder (to say album1 & www1). If using option 1 and wish to view album1 then just point Jalbum to that folder and create all. With this option you will have to re-name the www folder or delete the contents to avoid any cross viewing of images.

30-12-2009, 11:06 AM
Thanks for your responces.

I'm more than happy to run the software as it is and to be honest it is a great package, but normally I spend years doing things a certain way then some bright spark shows me a way of doing it that that is easier and faster, so I just thought before I got set in my ways I would ask your advise.

Thanks again.