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20-04-2009, 06:39 PM
Hello all,

I've been looking at the Mitsi Click system for a while now and have been trying to decide how many printers to use for a given amount of screens.

I don't do massive events (100-200) and in my workflow the delay always seems to be in people actually choosing which photos to print rather than the printer not being able to deliver the print in time (this is using the Citizen CW-01). However when I spoke to one supplier of said equipment that advised very stronly against using 2 screens connected to one printer over a network because it might get "confused".

What is everyone opinion on this or is it just a company trying to sell more printers?



Mike Weeks
20-04-2009, 07:45 PM
I have run a function for 450 people where we printed close to 300 prints on the night. The printer was connected to one PC and the images came in wirelessly to the other PC with images being moved between the 2. Any problems with the network, No. The printer I was using was my old 9550 which is not in the same class as your Citizen and that worked OK.

Hope that answers your question.


20-04-2009, 09:03 PM
hi Richar h

can you just clarify something. Are you wanting to have both PC's print to the one printer or have one PC print and the other handle the incoming images.


Stuart Morley
21-04-2009, 09:41 AM
Hi Richard

No problem in using one printer with two PC's (they must be networked of course!). You can do this with windows without any issues.

You can also link two click systems together, or a click system and a PC (A click system is a pc using windows xp). You cannot print from a PC directly onto a click printer however but you can copy an image to a click and then print it from there (although you would need to use the click to print it which rather defeats the object maybe)

We have successfully connected three clicks and a PC and 11 printers together with 12 wireless cameras shooting into all of the clicks and the system ran like a dream (although it did need some setting up and testing of course!)

You can share almost any windows printer between PC's on a network but only click printers (red fronted) can be used on a click (the CP3020 and CP3800 are exceptions to this red/grey rule)

As for number of printers, this is simply a matter of demand for prints vs print time - thats basically it to be honest. IMHO you often don't need a second printer as they are very reliable unless you need a mission critical setup.

It is usually customer image selection / selling that takes the time not the printing.

Hope this Helps


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21-04-2009, 12:28 PM

Thanks for so many replies and so quickly!

Mike: That does answer the question, cheers.

PaulM: Both PCs to print to one printer. It is something I already do with laptops, have done it with up to 3 machines, and is just a case of sharing the printer on the host machine and then installing it on the others. The host machine from what I understand will handle the print que and just keep lining up the next job. I shoot tethered at the moment which again just links to one of the machines and then shares the folder across the network.

Stuart: So would there be a problem with say 4 click screens and then 2*9800 and a CP3800 connected to one machine which handled all the printing? All I was thinking was I saw a guy (Jerm?) at Focus who had a very nice flight case that had this sort of setup so he could offer 3 print sizes at any given time but it also meant that the customer would come to an end point to collect and pay for the print. It also kept all the cabling in one purpose built place with just one plug which sounds like a God send :D