Starting Out in Event Photography


With every business there is a right way to do it and a wrong way, however event photography covers so many different ways of working that what is right for one event is wrong for another. Like every business if you get it wrong you are unlikely to be asked back to give it another go. Worse still is that it may stop an event organiser employing other photographers in the future. That was the bad news and now for the good part.


Event photography is often said to consist of 3 elements, marketing, photography and workflow. Workflow can be further broken down in to software, equipment and their use. As you can imagine there are many ways to achieve the end result dependent upon the event and the equipment you have available. There is a lot to learn to do event photography well and also many things to avoid doing that will only cost you time and money.


There are occasional articles about event photography in photographic magazines but none will give you everything you need to become a success. The people that understand the process best are event photographers. There are many things that a beginner will probably not have considered which is why we are trying to collate as many resources as possible here and the most important of these is contact with other event photographers.


In the same way that we cannot say which workflow a photographer will use at an event (each will do it their own way) it is also not possible to say which are the best and worst suppliers of products and services. It is really up to you the photographer to do your own research but hopefully we are giving you a good start by showing just what is available and from where and then you can use the forum to discuss it with others.


Any photographer can join the forum and contribute as well as learn from others. Once a photographer can be confirmed as a bona fide event photographer they can also be listed for clients to find and there are some further areas of the forum that will be made available.


Welcome to the society.