One of the things that the Event Photographer Society is working hard to do is establish best practice for event photographers to ensure that you the client get a better service. If you feel that any of our members have failed to achieve those standards please let us know and just as important we are always happy to hear about those that have done everything to make your event a success. This is what we ask of our members and as you can see our priority is you the customer.

By accepting full membership of the Society you agree to be bound by this Code of Conduct and to be responsible for those you employ or sub contract to conforming with this Code of Conduct. If you are guilty of any conduct that breaches this code you may be expelled or suspended for a period determined by the Management Committee.

1. Maintain a level of indemnity and liability insurance to cover your clients, venues and employees.

2. Conduct inspections of equipment as required by current legislation.

3. Comply with relevant child & vulnerable adult protection legislation.

4. Be professional, fair, polite and honest towards clients, employers, employees, suppliers and fellow members and at all times operate with professional integrity maintaining confidences and confidentiality.

5. Take all reasonable measures to maintain a professional standard of work and to improve the standard of event photography as a profession.

6. Use only the Society classification to which you are entitled in any promotion of yourselves or your business activities.

7. Ensure that all event photography business dealings are conducted lawfully.

8. Do nothing that may damage the reputation or standing of the Society.

9. Assist fully with any investigation in to breaches of the code of conduct and will not aid another member to breach this code.