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In an effort to improve our service to customers we are in the process of developing guides to help you obtain a better service.


What do the Logos Mean?


As a relatively new organisation we are dedicated to improving the standards within our profession and as such we are in the process of developing an approval / ratings system. So what do the current Logos actually mean? (All Level Logos can be in Black and White)


The Forum Member

The forums main purpose is to educate members and provide a focal point for their queries. It does not infer any standard of service but a willingness to learn.



The Affiliate Member

Affiliate members have paid an additional fee to be listed within the photographer listings on the site.  It does not infer any standard of service.


The Code of Practice

All members have to agree to abide by our conditions which can be found here and if you have any issues with a member please contact us using the form here


There are a number of considerations that should be made when selecting a photographer for your event :- more details and advice will be appearing here soon.