Event Photography Training

Event photography training, where can I do it? what does it cost? is it worth it?

To find who and where look at Event Photography Training and Equipment Demonstration Dates, for all your other questions please read on.


We would love to give you the answers but the needs of one photographer will be very different to the needs of another, just remember that there are the three elements, photography, marketing and workflow that make up event photography. Training can take the form of one-to-one up to large group or could be in the form of manufacturers demos and seminars. All of these types of training have their use.


In an effort to help provide any training that might be required there is now a permanent member of the committee responsible for co-ordinating training who can be contacted via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The Event Photographer Society will be putting together a number of training days for 2011 and will publish details as soon as they are finalised.


There are many people offering training so it is recommended that you ask relevant questions before booking, such as these that follow;


  • Will I be doing any photography or just observing somebody else and if I am doing the photography will I get critical appraisal of my images?
  • Will I be shown a range of products from different manufacturers or just those that the photographers sponsor wants me to see?
  • Will I be shown different workflows appropiate to different types of events?
  • Will I be shown how to sell and not just have people trying to sell to me?
  • Will I receive a set of training materials?
  • Will I have access to support after the training?


Just because you get a NO answer to some of these questions it does not mean that the training will be bad (no training will answer yes to all of the questions) but it should help to develop your own ideas of just what the training will provide and how it will help you in the longer term.


Please take a look at Event Photography Training and Equipment Demonstration Dates for details of who is providing what.


We would like to hear what you have to say about any training that you may have received so that we can help others to find the training that they need.