Insurance for Event Photographers

Many would consider that insuring their equipment should be the highest priority however their risks that could prove far more expensive if something was to go wrong. There are a number of areas that every photographer should consider. The following is a brief introduction to areas that should be considered. There are links to documents provided by Aaduki Multimedia Insurance which describe each in more detail.


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Public Liability


Public Liability insurance covers you against any damage accidently caused by you to any person or property. With the items such as cables, stands, backgrounds etc. even with the best care in the world things can go wrong and with the modern litigious society that we live in it is better to be safe than sorry.


Public Liability & Indemnity Insurance Document


Professional Indemnity


Failing to produce work to a professional standard, whatever the reason - sometimes it might not even be the photographers fault! i.e. your camera breaks at a wedding then this is the type of insurance you need to cover you.


Employers Liability


Do you have somebody out working with you when doing an event? What happens if they get injured whilst they are following your direction? It does not matter if it is a work experience student not being paid, if something happens to them you could be liable. Is it worth the risk?


Employers Liability Document


Legal Expenses


When it all goes wrong can you afford the £100+ per hour of a solicitor to resolve issues. You may already have some cover via memberships of organisations but do you know when it will actually cover and when not? It can sometimes be added to other policies far cheaper than it can be purchased on its own. Hopefully you will never need it but it is certainly far cheaper to pay for the insurance than it is to pay the solicitors bill.


Legal Expenses Document


Wedding Insurance


If it goes wrong on the biggest day you'll never hear then end of it. Take the advice and protect yourself and the happy couple.


Wedding Insurance


Equipment Insurance


Last but not least, protect your equipment - after all it is these items that earn you your money. Are you covered to hire in a replacement if your camera or printer have been stolen or damaged? Just one of the things that you should be considering.


Equipment Insurance


The reality is that this is one thing that you will pay for in event photography that will not make you any money but the amount it could save you is unbelieveable. I am not an expert in this, so speak to people that are. Many thanks again to Aaduki for providing the articles.

You can visit their site here - Aaduki Multimedia Insurance