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Dog Agility Photographer & Dog agility Photography Information

Dog Agility Photographer and Dog agility Photography Information for event organisers. Are you looking for photographic support for your event? On-site printing and mobile studios available. Pet photography from professionals of those special moments.

It takes timing and skill and you want the best. We want to provide a service that you can be proud to have at your canine event. Book a real dog show photographer for the best service. Don't be fooled by amateurs, the event photographer society is the place to find what you need.

Your dog has worked hard over the obstacle course so now have a photographic record of it. Require a portrait of you and your canine superstar? Just ask as we photograph many things. From school proms to office christmas parties. Show jumping to hovercraft racing, our experts have seen it all. For all your photographic needs, we would like to help you.